Reflections on “March For Our Lives”

I joined the “March For Our Lives” rally here in Dayton today. The young adults that spoke were amazing and inspiring.

The most impactful and compelling moment of the event was a young girl who was about seven, stopped dead in her tracks in front of three women holding a composite series of 3 posters; each had a hand drawn sketches of some of the individuals (17 in total) form the last latest Florida shooting and highlights of their gifts to the world listed next to the image. It took 3 posters to list them all.

The young girl stood silent and gazing at each one individually and reading intently with a look that was indescribable; half curiosity and half despair (with a slight furrowed brow). You could sense the anguish she must have been feeling, Yet despite other distractions and the people she was with wanting to move on in their migration through the crowd, she stayed with her task, as if wanting to intimately know each one of the precious souls lost.

It is a moment I will never forget and ask why are we allowing the weapons that are meant for the battle field to exist in general circulation? Why are we letting these shooting events become normal and children to be the collateral damage of some sick need to own automatic weapons that serve no purpose other than mass killing?

The collateral damage is not just the families and individuals immediately impacted my a shooting, but throughout the rest of society. There were dozens of children that spoke of their fear and in their heads having escape paths planned or places they would hide for each class that they attend during the day; yet contrasted by the energy and empowerment to say ENOUGH and want change to occur.

Why should parents be playing Russian Roulette by sending there children to school? Why have we allowed over 300 school shootings since Sandy Hook?

"March For Our Lives" - Dayton, March 24, 2018
Image from “March For Our Lives” – Dayton, March 24, 2018

Gun Violence in the United States

WATCH: Democracy Now! March For Our Lives Special Broadcast


#Guns Poster Front


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Fuel For Action:
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4 Comments on “Reflections on “March For Our Lives”

  1. Wow! I listened to the Democracy Now program because let everyone speak from that protest without gathering sound bites. My takeaway was that the NRA has unintentionally united people from every income, gender, age and ethnicity. Even other countries.

    • Yes and a united people can truly make change. My hope is that the commitment and energy continues and grows exponentially.

  2. I am longing for spring also! I always love your photos that you post because my brother and his family live in the Cincinnati/Dayton area, so it feels like I am getting a window into their world too! What joy to be reading your words with @daughterofdelight! I am so glad that God is stirring in your heart, and you are being faithful to share what He gives you. Have a Blessed Easter!

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