The Future of Fake News?

Image of Fragmented FlagJust when the divisions between various interest groups is greater than ever and major political figures and individuals are crying “Fake New” as a response to most anything they disagree with or doesn’t match a firmly held belief, our media future may well be in for an uncertain transition.

What if you could change the video and/or audio for any recorded media to make it say anything you wanted it to, as well as the people in the video puppet your facial gestures as if they were the one that originally said or behaved a certain way?

Well just like the Honeywell commercial in the seventies that stated that “Someday is here today”. What does it bode for our future and the trust of any information source? Listen to RadioLabs Breaking News

Fake NewsSimon Adler takes us down a technological rabbit hole of strangely contorted faces and words made out of thin air. And a wonderland full of computer scientists, journalists, and digital detectives forces us to rethink even the things we see with our very own eyes.

This was a crude basic example crafted in a brief period of time. However, technology is perfected in shorter and shorter time cycles than ever and how long will it take before more precise algorithms are created and in use?

What does this mean for reliability of news and information, and the trust between citizens (especially for divergent groups) and our democracy?

1 Comment on “The Future of Fake News?

  1. I have read the posted comments and find them interesting, I totally agree with the comment about the Clintons. The comments concerning term limits, that is something that is desperately needed and not only for our Congress and Senate but especially the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). How many recall Nancy Pelosi”s comment about reading the Obama Care bill? She said (I”ll paraphrase here) you have to pass the bill in order to read it and know what”s in it! How can anyone trust the Washington crowd when they actually passed a bill they did not have the opportunity to read it, I forget how many pages it consisted of, it was monumental! The denizens of Washington DC do not care about the ones they are supposed to serve, the ones that supposedly put them in office (assuming the election process was on the up-and-up which is definitely questionable! All they care about is remaining in office and will do anything, lie, cheat, steal and some of them (Clintons) probably even murder to remain in office! Now just how trustworthy can people with that kind of mentality be trusted. Anyone with even a modicum of intelligence and honesty would refuse to sign any document until they know its contents! Nuff Said!!!!