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🔥 What everyone who STILL supports Trump NEEDS to hear 🔥 EVERY WORD of this is 🔥 , especially the mic drop at the very end! 🎤 Follow Occupy Democrats for more! Credit: Frances Fisher: Posted by Occupy Democrats …

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Why is this book not in the news???   It was all a lie – How the Republican party became Donald Trump The most successful Republican political operative of his generation, shares a searing, unflinching, and deeply personal exposé of …

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Our brethren to the north seem to get it.

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Watch All In: The Fight For Democracy Now “ALL IN: THE FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY” examines the issue of voter suppression in the US. The film interweaves personal experiences with activism and historical insight to expose a problem that has corrupted …

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Time to end 45’s Apprenticeship. Fire the Liar. Vote 2020 Click for printable poster version    

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Help others fill in their potholes.

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In an age where information is easily accessible, propaganda techniques still work on the masses. One just has to look at our political system and our nefarious marketing industry to see them in action. “Propaganda works best when those being …

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If we want to really evolve and survive “Love Thy Nature” The winner of 27 awards, this film reveals how a relationship with nature ignites a sense of meaning and wonder so profound that it touches us at the very …

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Food for thought and fuel for action: Voting is not nearly enough. We need to become organizers and activists. I’m Dying. Here Is What I Refuse to Accept With Serenity. By Ady Barkan  

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