About Us

This site was born out of the frustration of the cognitive dissonance to any views divergent from the populist protectionist mindsets that seem to perpetuate several layers of American culture, as well as the endless infiltration of our democracy by corporations.

It is intended to share resources and provide a voice to those who wish to counter the hatred and irrationality the seems to have consumed many levels of American politics and culture. Fear, reaction, anxiety, negativity, and control seems to have replaced research, knowledge, due diligence, and thinking.

We hope to bring together resources, voices and views that focus on what threatens our long term survival, and how we can evolve, rather stay in the miasma of bleakness that has descended  on the US, only to be medicated by ever more consumption that further ravages the planet and our souls.

It will be an organic process that will be dynamically evolving and hopefully in what ever way possible facilitate change.

If you have resources or view to share, please use the contact form, or comment on blog posts. A blog post comments are moderated for content.

We hope you will join us and invite others to do so as well.

The shortcut URL for us is http://foodandfuelnow.com

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