How Does Change Occur?

“You’re special! You are one in 1:400,000,000,000”

What do you respond or hear as a response to the question “How are you”?

1/3 of Americans feel dissatisfied with there lives (that’s 100 Million), yet they give the same response when asked “How are you?”.

Find out what that response is by watching “How to stop screwing yourself over” by Mel Robbins

Her insight and inspiration is worth a daily watch as a nudge to stay motivated as we explore being making/being change.

If a 3 Year Old Can Do It, What’s Holding You Back?

A 3 year old artist demonstrates what you and your brain are capable of when are not impeded by years of hearing you can’t___, don’t___, or whatever negative prediction that does not empower you.

You can paint a ninja or be one, or be Michelangelo; whatever you want to be, you just need to reach out and connect with your passion, dreams, goals and others. It’s seldom done alone, so connect with others. But choose wisely! You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”― Jim Rohn

“Be the Change”

– MC Yogi
A short summary of Gandhi’s life (and others), mission and impact on the world, spun into an inspiring rap of sorts. We believe it makes for the perfect rallying cry for anyone who wants to make a difference in their life and the lives of others.

A line that stands out in the song is “If you follow your heart and act real bold, next time it’ll be your story that’s told.”

“People follow demonstrations of what they want. Be what you want people to be” – Tai Lopez

What is the change you can be?

Sometimes change, even unwanted change can have have profound impact and benefits on our lives, business, or career.

View “Having Children Destroyed My Career
Travis Chambers – Founder, Chief Media Hacker at, an agency that makes scalable social videos; large production videos run as ads on Facebook and YouTube that drive millions in sales shares how a life event (change) made all the difference in the world for him.