Are You Being CONwayed?

Does she live up to her name CONway?

What ethics or honesty are being used in diversion, misdirection, and failure to directly address questions?

How is endorsement of Ivanka Trump in any related to Conway’s service to the citizens of the US and an ethical and legal use of tax payer’s dollars? House Oversight Committee Asks for Review of Conway’s Endorsement of Ivanka Trump Brand

Are you buying the CON?
Why not voice your views in the subject.

Kellyanne Conway clearly violated ethics rules, but White House unlikely to take much action.
Conway’s ethics foul would get you fired in an Obama White House.

Why are Sean Spicer, & Trump spending US tax $$$ defending Trump’s daughter-wife? Aren’t they adults that can speak for themselves?
Spicer: Trump has a right to defend Ivanka

Is CONway suffering from the same Narcissistic mindset as some say Trump is?

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