Is Donald Trump the successful self-made business man, real-estate developer that he claims to be?

Investigative reporters Susanne Craig and David Barstow say the president received today’s equivalent of $413 million from his father’s real estate empire, through what appears to be tax fraud.

This revealing investigative reporting explored over 100,000 pages, as well as tens of thousands of confidential records; including tax returns, and surfaced what appears to be tax fraud. The number of sources that the reporters say Trump received money from his father through over 290 ingeniously crafted channels well into Trump’s forties. So, counter to his claims of being a self-made millionaire, Trump was funded (starting at age 3) by his father until his father’s death and still benefits from the equity and wealth transfer. The report asserts this was all done to avoid taxes. And Trump’s claims of being a successful business man and real-estate developer are a myth.

According to the report, starting in his twenties, Trump even falsely claimed he was a millionaire (worth 200 Million) and owned properties that really belonged his father. And at the time, Donald Trump’s tax return said his income was $25,000. Just one example of the fiction that seems to have been woven over his entire life. Trump also doesn’t share that he owed his father millions most of his life.

“What emerges from this body of evidence is a financial biography of the 45th president fundamentally at odds with the story Mr. Trump has sold in his books, his TV shows and his political life,” the report says.

‘Times’ Journalists Puncture Myth Of Trump As Self-Made Billionaire